We believe Jesus is for everyone! Recently The Christian Post published an article about our church and two other awesome churches doing amazing things in the USA! Here is an excerpt:

“Formerly known as Parkway Baptist Church, City of Truth changed from a more traditional church to one that reflected contemporary trends after Armour D. Stephenson III, often called AD3, became pastor.

Quincee Jackson, director of ministry culture at City of Truth, told The Christian Post that the alterations involved both “small” and “drastic” changes, including the style of music, more sermon series, more social media, eliminating the “dress code,” and shortening services to about an hour-and-a-half.

“We put away our suits and pulled out our T-shirts and jeans. We basically felt our message would be better received if we didn’t set a false tone that those who attended our church would have to look a certain way,” said Jackson.”

Check out the full article here.