City Expressions started out as a hope and a dream. Since the team’s inception in 2016, we have grown not only in numbers but in talent, passion and faith. The journey through the creative process is unique for each ministry opportunity.

Our Creative Process We are constantly listening and searching for new music that we are inspired by. More importantly, we are searching for music that has a soul-stirring message that will resonate with the members and guests who will walk through the door on any given Sunday. The song selection process is especially crucial when we are following the themes Pastor is choosing for his sermon series. Like the praise and worship team, we want to set the atmosphere ablaze and allow the Holy Spirit to sweep through the place before Pastor even speaks a word. Once we solidify a song, teaching the choreography takes anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks from start to finish. We have three talented choreographers whose efforts are to stretch what is seen as traditional “praise dance”. An idea will start out one way and through collaboration, we create beautiful and powerful sequences of movement that are better than the original layout.

Why We Dance Like any other ministry we often are reminded our call is a labor of love. Meaning what we do is for the pleasure of God and not for rewards or accolades. Amid collaboration, brainstorming, and merriment we also experience moments that challenge us. Our normal rehearsal schedule is one to two times a week on average. When we are preparing for a ministry opportunity we desire to present God our best and have had times where we have practiced every single day of the to ensure we were operating in excellence. We have times where we must check one another in love and have a heart to heart with fellow team members. Through the highs and lows, we have become a stronger and closer team. Our team cries and rejoices with one another, fasts and prays with one another, serves the church and the community together, laugh during fellowship, support one another through various milestones in their lives and the list goes on.

We truly consider it privilege to honor God through dance at the City. Our mission is to aid in advancing the mission of the church by gathering like-minded believers, with the purpose of conveying the gospel in an expressive innovative and creative way. We keep the mindset of “We GET to do this” as a priority and look forward to each and every ministry opportunity!