We live in a world filled with darkness, in desperate need of hope. The world needs light bearers, not just on the weekends within the four walls of a building, but light that floods the streets of our city setting people ablaze with a conviction to carry truth into every area of influence. 


We want this truth to spread from the stage to the streets. Change happens when those who possess the call confidently embrace it and shine in an all out war against the darkness without apology.


H3 stands for “Holy Humble & Hungry.” We want to be people who value holiness, walk in humility, and stay hungry for all good things God promises to give to those who belong to Him. H3 is a space for biblical training and teaching techniques applied with cutting edge creativity. We believe in the presentation of the gospel in a powerful, relatable, and relevant way. Our approach is one that deals with the whole person. We believe in spiritual formation, physical, mental, and emotional health. We understand that leadership involves all that we are, therefore H3 is dedicated to helping people understand and value themselves and others the way the Lord does. 



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