Have heart”. Many of us have heard this phrase before but I’m quite sure we can all interpret it differently. Does this mean have courage? Or have compassion? Or perhaps sensitivity? Or boldness? I would suggest that it means all of these things. I would even declare that you must be a woman who has heart in order to love and serve Jesus fully.


Understand that we live in a culture, a world where having heart looks a lot different, even polar opposite to the characteristics of a Christ follower. Scripture says, “Love your neighbor as your self.”; the world declares, “Care about you and yours only.” Jesus says, “Pray for those who hurt you.”; the world shouts “Hurt them back!” God says, “Trust me with all of your heart.”; the world whispers, “You can’t trust anyone but you.” You see, the world is telling you that the way to have heart is to preserve self by protecting self. But these contradictory cries from the culture are designed to desensitize your heart which then becomes detrimental to your faith. Because a desensitized heart cannot be devoted to God.


God’s desire is for your heart to respond to Him even when it feels as if you’re going against yourself—when it feels being obedient will cause you more pain, will cause you to suffer, won’t turn out your way, and even make others believe you’re losing. It is in these times where God uses the very thing(s) we like the least to turn our hearts toward what matters most—Him. Your God wants you to counter those often loud, selfish cries by responding to His call. He’s calling you to put on compassion, be sensitive to the Holy Spirit, patiently endure hardships, have a tenacious trust in the Lord alone, and boldly proclaim His goodness. For this is what it means to have heart, to courageously follow after God when this world and your feelings are urging you to follow them.

May this become your prayer, “I offer you my heart, Lord God, and I trust you.” (Psalms 25:1-2 CEV)

Many prayers and much love,

Lady J