I saw something in the Bible recently that blew me away. It’s found in Luke 14 The parable begins with a man throwing a banquet and the invited guests refused to show up.

Of course the man was angry, but he then commands his servants to go out and get all the MISFITS they can find, and bring them in to the banquet. Verse 22 is the response of one of his servants and this response blew me away when I really took a good look at it.

Luke 14:22 ESV
And the servant said, ‘Sir, what you commanded has been done, and still there is room.’

You probably missed it! There’s a very small piece to this text that jumped off of the page as I read it! Here it is, the thing that blows me away is the…wait for it….it’s the punctuation after the word “done.” You’re probably like, “huh?” but hear me out. There’s a comma after the word “done”…a comma!

Ok I know I’ve probably lost a couple people so I’ll try to explain. Let’s be honest, most of us would’ve put a period after done instead of a comma. What do you mean pastor? I’m glad you asked. When it comes to evangelism for the most part we believe it’s necessary, and we believe it’s Gods heart, but at the same time we do JUST enough to soothe our consciences. We come to God and we say what the servant said in Luke 14, but we say it like this:

“Sir, what you commanded has been done.”
I did it. I talked to someone. I shared my faith. Ok there you happy now!? The thing that captured me about that text is the fact that this servant in the parable put a comma where most Christians put a period!

He said, “Sir, what you commanded has been done, and still there is room!” We’ve done what you said, but there’s still more we can do. There’s still more room. This is the pulse of a heart on fire for souls, there’s still more room. When we grab hold to this truth our perspective of church will be revolutionized. It’ll be less about our preferences and more about our commission. The worship songs we don’t like, or the carpet color we didn’t vote for cease to matter and the fact that there’s still more room matters the most. The fact that there’s still more room for men to become godly husbands and present fathers. The fact that there’s still more room for women to become virtuous women, and not victims of the culture. The fact that there’s still more room for alcoholics to live free and sober, and drug addicts to be testimonies of the delivering power of God. This has changed the trajectory of my church! People are bringing people and sharing their faith like never before all because they removed the period and replaced it with a comma.

The lesson of the day is pay attention in English class, it could change your life! Until next time, I’m praying for you.

Pastor AD3