On one hand there’s celebration, on the other you’re fighting the traumatic memories or sad moments this month brings. May I encourage you and tell you that you are not alone? Nope, not the least bit alone. In fact, if we were all in a room together you probably wouldn’t believe or maybe you would how many women suffer through this month just like you.


See, yes we celebrate Mother’s Day and for the most part we do it wanting to, however, I would argue that most suppress those anxious feelings, the sadness, the dread even because we feel it is a betrayal to the women that birthed us to acknowledge the hurt they may have caused us. But it seems this acknowledgement is much more permissible during Father’s Day. That’s for another time but you get me. Right? There seems to be this sense of obligatory celebration while neglecting the obvious sting in the heart. Keeping silent because they were the ones who stayed and did their best. Which is oftentimes very much the case. Yet, suffering in silence is too big a price to pay because a PARENT stayed.


While I wholeheartedly believe the Scriptures admonish us to sincerely honor our mothers AND fathers it does not tell us to suppress and stay silent about very real and present pain. Now hear me, I do not believe it would be wise in most cases to talk to your mom during this time about how you feel or don’t feel, but I do believe wisdom says there’s freedom in acknowledging your true feelings. And I want to give you a few ways to allow yourself to express those feelings in freedom.


Let me also acknowledge those of you who are feeling some type of way because you have lost your mother. The Lord absolutely knows your pain, grief and sadness.  And I believe these next practical steps will prove effective for you as well to help you make it through this month with more comfort, joy, and peace.


So whatever place you find yourself in here are some tips so that your emotions won’t hinder your happy.


Face it…Face your feelings. They aren’t going anywhere and will inevitably come out in some way. And the best way to face them is to acknowledge them before a loving, comforting, understanding God. Be reminded by Isaiah 53:4 that reads, “Surely he took up our pain and bore our suffering…”


Fight it…Fight the urge to run for cover because your feelings are conquering you. Instead, seek out a safe person that will listen and give wise counsel. And/or surround yourself with some sisters that will lift your spirits. First Thessalonians 5:11 tells us that this is what sisterhood is all about. “So encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing.


Faith it…Faith believes that although my pain is real so is my God. You must believe that God cares about how you feel. And because He cares He will give you the strength to face them and fight through them despite how you feel. So square your shoulders, hold your head up, and may this be the declaration of your heart, “I love you, Lord, my strength.” (Psalms 18:1)


Let’s make this a great month!


With all my love and prayers,


Lady J