So, obviously summer is here, and in the Midwest (Kansas City in particular) we’ve had the privilege of experiencing smoldering temperatures well ahead of schedule. See, spring decided this wasn’t its season and summer said it wasn’t going to miss its moment. And as for us? Well, I believe we all are looking for air conditioning and water—a bottle, a cup, a canteen, whatever, as long as it’s cold! Or maybe you’re just fine because you like being hot. No matter your preference I’m sure  we can agree,  the scorching sun isn’t just a reminder to think twice about heading out or to be leery of leather seats, it’s also a symbol of summer fun.


With school out and vacations and staycations booked, schedules are pretty much nonexistent. Well, except for gym time because you’re still working on that summer body. Or perhaps you’ve said, “Forget it. Summer is going to accept me for who I am!” Hey, this is a no judgement zone, so do you. Whatever the case, we seem to be a bit more carefree and a bit less stressed during this season. And rightfully so—we all need the break. Whether that’s from strict schedules, home cooked meals, thinking, or even from the kids. Being able to just breathe is a beautiful, yet often neglected thing. That said, when you get the chance, do it well feeling unbothered in your soul.


Now “checking out” definitely proves to be beneficial, still please don’t miss the true blessing that comes with this break. With a less hurried life you have an opportunity to slow down and set your affections and attention on the Lord. After all, the point of any down period is to be able to strengthen yourself enough to get back up better than before. What better way to do this than to draw strength from the One whose strength is made perfect in our weakness? So, while you’re refreshing and rejuvenating your body, don’t forget to also renew and invigorate your spirit and soul.


Below are a few suggestions to help you accomplish just that:


  • Start a new reading plan
  • Commit to memory your favorite verses
  • Explore exciting witnesses of faith with your children
  • Begin making prayer a practice
  • Commit to worship service as a priority
  • Study the Scriptures with a group of sisters
  • Spend some time in a Christian bookstore (Lifeway & Mardel)
  • Participate in an outreach event (Rock The City Week, our week long outreach initiative beginning August 20th-25th, is a perfect opportunity to give this a try!)
  • Finish or begin a book by your favorite Christian author


Check out this list of some of my favorite books to help get you started:


  • The Emotionally Healthy Woman (Geri Scazerro)
  • Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (Pete Scazerro)
  • Whatever Happened to Daddy’s Little Girl?: The Impact of Fatherlessness on Black Women (Jonetta Rose Barras)
  • Fervent: A Woman’s Battle Plan to Serious, Specific and Strategic Prayer (Priscilla Shirer)
  • Kingdom Prayer: Touching Heaven to Change Earth (Dr. Tony Evans)
  • Boundaries (Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend)
  • Boundaries in Marriage (same)
  • Boundaries with Kids (same)
  • Boundaries with Teens (Dr. Henry Cloud)


We want this to be your best summer yet! While you’re on that beach, have your Bible along with you. Feel the subtle breeze as it whispers across the waters. Delight in every needed breath given by the One who breathes life. Bask in the shine as the Son smiles upon you, and take joy in the break and the blessing it offers to become a better you.