Have you been attending our service each and every Sunday? Well, why wait to join our AWESOME church? Our wonderful Connection Team is anxiously awaiting to serve you.

Who are they? Where are they located? Our Connection Team members are located in the lobby smiling, waving, and welcoming you each week. The Connection Team will gladly collect your contact information and get you on your journey to becoming a member of our church.

After your information is collected, one of our team members will contact you by phone or email to assist with any questions you may have about our church.

The connection team will assist you with getting connected to our Dream Team by introducing you to other teams.  We’ll introduce you to everything that we have to offer here at City of Truth Church. We acknowledge and appreciate the gifts and talents of our members and want to ensure you are connected with a team that will help manifest your God given gifts.

What are you waiting for? Get plugged in today.

Don’t have time after service to join? Well, we have options! You may also text “join” to 816-974-0013 and one of our team members will be ready to receive you as well. Join, and get connected today!

We look forward to hearing from or seeing you soon. Don’t forget to connect with The City on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.