Can you believe we are a quarter into the year already?! Time sure doesn’t wait for any of us. And because of this very thing it is important that you not allow time to get away from you. What do I mean? Well, many of you/us have set goals and made plans for this year and let’s be honest, you’ve found yourself off track. Perhaps you made plans to pray more, save more, pick up your favorite pastime hobby, read a book, carve out me time, work on your dream while you’re working in someone else’s. I could go on. Oh, I forgot, lose weight! Anybody? Now, how have you kept your life aligned with what you’ve set out to accomplish?

Ok, so you’ve fallen off a little bit or maybe a lotta bit. Trust me, I know it’s difficult to try and reach new goals while juggling and sometimes struggling with everyday life. But what if I told you that God wants you to be intentional in working at the work He’s called you to do in the earth? Here’s what I mean: God, our Good Father, has placed you in this world to fill a space that’s been strategically crafted for you, to walk in a purpose purposefully created for you, to apprehend a destiny specifically designed for you! However, He doesn’t just hand it to us. Nope! You and I have the… responsibility to plan and produce according to that purpose. Solomon wrote in Proverbs, “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps” (Proverbs 16:9 NIV). This means that for God to establish or determine your steps there must be something for Him to work with—you must have a plan. Oh, and if your “steps” are what He’s “establishing” that means you’re on the move. Wait! I mean an intentional, purposeful, premeditated move. Got me?

So, I believe this is a good time to be realigned with, reminded of, and refocused on the vision God has for your life. And to help you accomplish that, our next TCS Tuesday we’re having our very first…TCS Vision Board Party!!! *throws confetti, sequins, & glitter*

You may be asking, “Why vision boards?”, and please don’t ask why call it a party. Who doesn’t love parties? Understand, creating a vision board creates a visual picture of your hearts purpose. Now I don’t mean that we will be sticking some fantasy pictures on a poster. But what I do mean is that we will be having fun with the intent of planning according to our God- given purpose.


I want you to know that I am so very excited for us to come together and celebrate each
other’s perfect piece of God’s puzzle!

“Without revelation people run wild, but one who follows divine instruction will be happy.” – Proverbs 29:18, CSB


Please complete the attached worksheet as a guide in planning what you’d like to place on your vision board. You will need to provide your own poster board of your choice – I would suggest a heavier poster board. These can be found at Dollar Tree for $1, and/or Dollar General for less than $3.

Download worksheet here TCS Tuesday Vision & Vibes ’18 WORKSHEET

You will also need to look through your favorite old magazines, scour the web and bring your prayerfully selected precut pictures with you to the party. ***Please be sure to precut these prior to your arrival.***

Lastly, we will provide you with markers, glue sticks, double-sided tape and plenty of crafty add-ons to give your vision board that pop of liveliness!